About us

The Cobbenhagen Company of Drama is the English drama club of 2College Cobbenhagenlyceum, Tilburg.

The Company's origin can be traced back to an ordinary morning in the spring of 2008, when two teachers decided over coffee to have students perform William Shakespeare's Macbeth in about a year or so. Thessa van Aerde and Ad Bruynzeels were busy developing the curriculum for IB English, the subject taught to senior students who had completed bilingual education (TTO) in the first three years of secondary school. Macbeth would be studied the next schoolyear and inspired by the British traditions of school drama, it seemed a good idea to not only read, but also perform the play.

The road to the performance on 17 June 2009 was full of twists and turns - more about that can be read here - but Ad was absolutely right when he welcomed the audience that night and expressed the feeling that we could be at the beginning of a (renewed) dramatic tradition at Cobbenhagen.

As of 2017, the Cobbenhagen Company has performed nine plays, five of which Shakespeare adaptations. Besides Ad (who retired in 2011) and Thessa, art teacher Ton Sips and English teacher Janine van Oers have actively been involved in the Company, too, supervising set design and construction and hair and make-up respectively. Art teacher Jeanne Kneuse oversaw the art direction for the 2013 and 2014 productions.

However, as the Company gained experience, student involvement in all aspects of each production grew and grew: for the 2016 production approximately 30 students auditoned for 18 roles; production departments are coordinated by experienced crew members: set design, character design (costumes, hair and make-up), PR and last but not least the actual writing of the script.

Company alumni like keeping in touch, too, attending performances, maintaining the website, taking photographs or helping out again building the set. To celebrate the Company's first lustrum,  the short film To Do Great, Right A Little Wrong was produced.

The production team of this film went on to found Brief Candle Productions , a non-profit film production company with membership open to all who are connected to the Cobbenhagen Company.

The tenth production of the Company coincides with the 50th anniversary of Cobbenhagen: to celebrate this, the performance takes place in the Schouwburg Tilburg on 12 March 2018!